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Article 5 Categories of Members

The EUGIN members are individual and legal entities constituted according to the laws and customs of their country of origin.

EUGIN shall have three categories of Members: 

-     Executive Members

      Any European Institute of Navigation.

-     Honorary Members

      Distinguished persons or legal entities in one of the fields listed under Article 2 above, upon whom EUGIN sees fit to confer an honorary distinction.

-     Individuals, who are members of a member Institute, are represented on EUGIN by their parent Institute. They can be co-opted or associated directly with specific EUGIN activities.


Article 6 Rights of Members

Executive Members possess full voting rights and take responsibility to specify and organise the actions and operations of EUGIN in accordance with its current statutes.

Honorary Members do not possess voting rights and cannot specify or organise the actions and the management of EUGIN.

Individuals are represented by their parent Institute. Individuals co-opted onto EUGIN bodies or associated directly with specific EUGIN activities do not possess voting rights.


Article 7         Admission to Membership
The decision as to whether an Institute of Navigation is eligible for Membership will be made by EUGIN General Assembly on the recommendation of the EUGIN Council. Rejection will only occur in exceptional circumstances.
Any Institute of Navigation, declared eligible for Membership by the General Assembly, shall become a Member on payment of the initial admission fee.
Persons or organisations eligible for Honorary Membership shall become Members on receipt of a letter of Appointment, following their acceptance by the General Assembly.


Article 8 Resignation

Members of any category may resign from the Association by providing at least three months notice in writing to the Council.

Agreement of the Council will not be given while there are outstanding liabilities.

Resignation shall not absolve a Member from its legal liabilities.

Article 9 Expulsion

The Council may expel any Member from EUGIN, after giving him the opportunity to present his defence, in writing and verbally, for failure to observe the Articles, or the By-laws established for their execution by the Council.

The Council will inform the Member of his failure by registered letter and will allow him a period of 30 days to rectify the problem.

The Member under threat of expulsion may appeal to the next General Assembly.


Article 10 Consequences of Resignation and Expulsion

In the event of loss of Membership (either by resignation or expulsion), the Member will have no further claim on the assets of EUGIN.


Article 11 Obligations of Members

Members commit themselves to make their best contribution to the development and the realisation of the objectives of EUGIN.

They must respect the Articles of Association, any By-laws and the decisions of the Council and the General Assembly.











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