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Article 16 Composition

EUGIN is administered by a Council whose Members consist of the currently serving Presidents of each Executive Member Institute.

The number of Councillors may never be below 3.

Additionally, the Council may elect one additional honorary member for three years. The term is renewable.

Council Members will elect a Chairman from amongst their number. The maximum term of office for the Chairman shall be three years.


Article 17 Delegation

Any Councillor unable to attend a Council meeting may either delegate his powers to another Councillor or appoint a representative to vote on his behalf.

In such case the Chairman must be informed of any such delegation before any meeting of the Council at which this delegation will occur.

No Councillor may represent more than one other Councillor at any meeting of the Council.

The President of an Executive Member may permanently delegate his powers to another representative of his Institute.


Article 18 Powers

The Council has over-riding powers and responsibility for the administration, management and financial affairs of EUGIN except for those powers that are the responsibility of the General Assembly. Councillors are jointly responsible for the decision of Council, including legal liability.

EUGIN may be represented with respect to third parties by the Chairman of the Council or jointly by two Councillors.

All legal action in prosecution or in defence authorised by the Council may be undertaken in the name back










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