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Article 22 Technical Committee

a)    Constitution

The Technical Committee will normally consist of the Technical Directors (or their equivalents) of each Member Institute. Exceptionally, a Member Institute may appoint another suitably qualified person provided that the Council agrees.

The Technical Committee has no formal decision powers.

b)    Responsibilities

-            The implementation of the decisions of the Council in respect of the technical business of EUGIN;

-            The preparation of tasks and associated submissions;

-            The management of tasks.

c)    The Committee will elect a Chairman from amongst its Members.

d)    The Chairman of the Technical Committee shall be entitled ex officio to attend all meetings of the Council with the exception of those at which his personal case is discussed. He does not have a vote on Council.


Article 23   Day-to-day management and Executive Secretary

As long as EUGIN activity does not justify the appointment of an Executive Secretary, the day-to-day management will be the responsibility of the Chairman who can delegate tasks to voluntary member Institutes, keeping all other members of the Council informed. If at a point in time the activities of EUGIN require more management work, in particular that involving closer and more detailed financial control than can reasonably be handled by the volunteers, the Council will appoint an Executive Secretary and transfer management responsibility to him. This Executive Secretary may not necessarily be an existing Member of any EUGIN committee and the post may be part-time or full-time, remunerated accordingly.


Article 24   Duties of Executive Secretary

He will be responsible for the correct and professional administration of EUGIN on a day-to-day basis.

He will be responsible for all duties given to him by the Council.

He will represent EUGIN in day-to-day matters, subject to the wishes of the Council.

He will be responsible for all communications between EUGIN and bodies wishing to use its expertise.

He will communicate any enquiries from European institutions to the Member Institutes via their Presidents. For this purpose the Presidents may delegate their responsibilities to another Officer in their organisation.

He shall attend and administratively support meetings of the Council, unless otherwise requested by the Council.











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