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Article 1 Title

The Association is called in English “The European Group of Institutes of Navigation.”

The European Group of Institutes of Navigation shall be known under the abbreviation EUGIN.

It is ruled by Title III of the Belgian Law of 27 June 1921 on not-for-profit associations, not-for-profit international associations and foundations, and by the present articles.


Article 2 Objectives

EUGIN is a non-profit-making international Association. Its objectives are:

a)         To initiate and support actions assisting in the development of pan European policies and strategies in the general fields of navigation and traffic management;

b)         To participate in study works initiated by the European authorities;

c)         To foster co-operation and information exchange between its Members and any competent authorities or organisations active in the general fields of navigation and traffic management;

d)         To provide information in its field of expertise by organising conferences and symposia, publishing papers; and participating in various media methods of data dissemination; 

e)         To undertake other actions which are related to EUGIN's objectives and which should assist in their realisation.


Article 3 Registered Office

EUGIN's Registered Office is c/o European Maritime Pilots’ Association, St. Aldegondiskaai 36-38, B-2000 Antwerp, Belgium.

It may be transferred to any other place in Belgium by decision of the Council. Such a decision must be published within 30 days in the annexes of the Moniteur belge.

Should its Council so decide, EUGIN may establish administrative offices, branches or agencies in any country in which it operates.


Article 4 Duration

The duration of EUGIN shall be unlimited unless it is terminated by decision of the General Assembly.











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