Honorary members


CESMA – Confederation of European Shipmasters Associations

Wassenaarseweg 2, 2596CH, The Hague, The Netherlands,

Tel: +31-703836176 – Fax +31-703835911

E-mail: cesma-eu@introweb.nl,  Website: www.cesma-eu.org

CESMA was founded in 1995.

President: Capt. W-V. Von Pressentin, wolfvpressentin@web.de

Secretary General: Capt. F.J. Van Wijnen, cesma.vanwijnen@planet.nl

CESMA  represents fifteen shipmasters’ associations, as well as a number of individual members, in twelve European Union and future EU countries.

Space Y

10 Cours Louis Lumière – 94300 VINCENNES, France

Tel. + 33 1 53 66 11 11 – Fax + 33 1 53 66 11 00

Website:     www.spacey.eu.com

Chairman: Gard Ueland     gard.ueland@kongsberg.com

Permanent Representative: Aureline Borel     aureline.borel@spacey.eu.com

Space Y, formerly Galileo Services, is a non-profit industry association. Its mission is to create value for Europe through the development of applications and the growth of the European space downstream sector.


UVS International

86 rue Michel Ange, 75016 Paris, France

Tel. : +33-1- – Fax : +33-1-

Web sites : www.uvs-international.org & www.uvs-info.com

President : Peter van Blyenburgh   pvb@uvs-international.org

Started in 1995, as EURO UVS (European Unmanned Vehicle Systems Association), a non-profit organisation, registered in The Netherlands & operating out of offices in Paris, France, changed its statute and its name to UVS International (Unmanned Vehicles Systems International) in 2004, to more accurately reflect its global character and actual coverage. 240 corporate & institutional members in 38 countries.  It is the leading international organization dedicated to the promotion of unmanned vehicle systems.